Why Governance Counts

Vision: Every voluntary organisation has an efficient and effective Governing Board

Voluntary organisations in India are usually registered under the various Trust Acts, the Societies Registration Act of 1860 and The Companies Act 1956. Each of the above requires the organisation to be governed by a Board. Many Boards of voluntary organisations in India are unaware of the line that separates governance from day-to-day operations. Many others are inactive, or have not been adequately engaged by the organisation. Board members receive little orientation on their roles and responsibilities, and most often, are there more out of goodwill for the cause or the organization's founder - or because of who they are as opposed to what they can do.

We believe that a good Board with committed and competent members will result in stronger and more sustainable organisations.

Governance Counts helps organisations create appropriate governance strategies, structures and processes based on the growth stage that they are at.

We also help find competent people who can make great Board members.